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Project Summary

What Scholarship Looks Like is an ongoing research project by Jessica Barness and Amy Papaelias. We explore the visual design of academic journals across disciplines and the impacts of journal design on academic culture. How does the design of an academic journal affect the perceived integrity of its content? What does published scholarly research look like, why does it look this way, and what might it look like in the future? Through visual analysis, personal interviews, and survey data, this project investigates the design of academic journals as a means to speculate on how new forms of scholarly research will necessitate new forms of publication. Our published research and presentations are collected here.

Book Proposal

Download our book proposal, What Scholarship Looks Like: How Design Shapes Radical Academic Journals, examining graphic design’s impact on radical scholarly publication in the United States.

About Us

Together, Barness and Papaelias co-edited the special issue of Visible Language (49.3), Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities (2015), which received the 2017 Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Award for Published Research. They also served on the organizing team of the AIGA Design Education Conference, Converge: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship in Los Angeles (2017).

Jessica Barness is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. Her research focuses on the dynamics of design discourse, interactive platforms, and critical practices of design research. She has published, exhibited, and presented her work internationally.

Amy Papaelias is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design at SUNY New Paltz. Her research focuses on the intersection of typography, technology, and culture. She writes and speaks frequently about these subjects and is the co-founder of Alphabettes.org, a network supporting women in type.

Contact us

Questions? hello@whatscholarshiplookslike.net